img_1495_1024Just a 30 minute drive from the city and you can experience being in the ” back of beyond “

Our Backcountry walking track is a 15k loop over private land in the rugged hills of the Wanganui River Valley.Walkers can do the complete loop in about 6 hrs and a shorter loop in 3 hrs.  The walk encompasses graded tracks,deep gorges and bluffs,high open ridges with spectacular views,a rocky stream crossing and a steep climb through untouched native bush.

The track is well sign posted and we supply you with an easy to read map and trail notes.To protect our precious natural environment we have a limited number of walkers.

The walk is suitable for adults with moderate to high levels of fitness and with experience in backcountry skills. In the interests of safety we reserve the right to close the track in adverse weather conditions.